NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Discover the advantages of NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Victoria, offering NDIS participants the opportunity for short-term and medium-term housing away from their usual residence. This essential service provides caregivers with a well-deserved break, enabling them to rejuvenate both mentally and physically. Participants benefit from the chance to socialize, acquire new skills, and enjoy a change of scenery, while caregivers can avoid excessive strain.

Similar to all NDIS supports, Respite support must meet the 'reasonable and necessary' criteria and contribute to achieving your NDIS goals. We provide ongoing oversight of your respite stay to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Reach out to discuss whether Respite Accommodation aligns with your current needs.

Considering NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne or Victoria offers a beneficial solution for both caregivers and individuals with disabilities. Admire Support Services is here to assist those seeking respite care in Melbourne. Rely on our expertise and dedication to provide the assistance you and your caregiver require to navigate life's challenges with confidence.